Sacred Heart Healing Meditation Circle

Join Us for the Sacred Heart Healing Meditation Circle with Larry Heisler

Something this special should be completely free to you with our love.
Join Larry in his 37th year of teaching the Sacred Heart Meditation Class.

Life is totally about growth, your growth, my growth. The first part of the Prime Directive on this planet is to grow in every way you can (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually). The 2nd part of the Prime Directive is to uplift, inspire or serve wherever you may go. People who do this passionately with their heart and soul, have a tendency to fulfill their destiny and complete their training down here. This dynamic workshop will teach a powerful meditation with a variety of Ki exercises including the rare I Chuan energy exercise Larry calls ―Smiling Buddha. Traditionally this technique is used by martial artists to develop their inner power, open their heart and cure their illnesses. In addition, Larry will share a Chi Lel exercise called wall squatting successfully used as part of the treatment protocol at the world’s largest medicine less hospital in China, the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center. Finally a comprehensive guide to meditation utilizing visualization and breathing exercises will conclude the workshop.

―When thine eye be single, thy body shall be filled with light. Mathew 6:22

Join Larry the first AND third Thursday of each new month, 8:15pm. Put it on your calendar and join us for an evening of spiritual fire!

Dates: First and Third Thursday of Each Month
Time:  8:00pm — 9:45pm
Cost:  Free
Please feel free to just show up, or call 908-898-0008 for further information
For specific dates and registration, please visit our Class Schedule and select the Workshop tab.