Nutrition Education for the New Year

nutrition pic 4-4x6We, at Providence! Integrated Health and Fitness, have created an extraordinary environment for your dynamic health and well-being.

Now we are excited to add another crucial piece to the healthy life pie. Join Larry Heisler M.A., CMT, this New Year, 2017, for his descriptive nutrition education program that will change your life. Larry answers the question “why.” Why should you want to change your present eating regime to an all organic plant based eating regime. Larry gives you the facts and the underlying reasons why.

Aside from being a world-class medical massage therapist that has trained our magnificent massage therapy staff, Larry Heisler was the former director of nutrition for the Parsippany Medical Complex. Join Larry for a nutrition education program that will change your life.

Each workshop we will be discussing different aspects of healthy nutrition, from the practical, like daily food choices, shopping, menu planning, dining out and healthy recipes, to the clinical, like daily vitamin supplementation, acid/alkaline balance, and specific medicinal foods.

Overview of the Series:

The Clinical Nutrition Overview: The Do’s, Don’ts and Why. Includes the aging body in light of the latest longevity research, understanding acid/alkaline balancing.

The Best Healthy Choices: Designing a healthy diet gradually and pain-free. Discusses the best food choices in every food category and specific traditional medicinal foods.

The Practical Considerations: Daily food choices, shopping, menu planning, dining out, healthy recipes, and strategies for getting your family to change.

Making Supplements Work for You: What to take, how much and why.

Details about upcoming workshop dates coming soon…