Vibrational Healing with Singing Bowls Workshop 3/30

On Thursday, March 30 2017,  join Providence! and Kati Walker for our Vibrational Healing with Singing Bowls Workshop! This hour long meditation workshop will use singing bowls for a deep vibrational experience.

Kati Walker

About Kati Walker

Kati Walker has studied with Master Teacher Suren Shrestha at Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School in Boulder Co. Singing Bowls is an ancient vibrational healing modality from the Himalayan areas of Nepal and Tibet. The meditation lasts approximately one hour. The participants lay on a yoga mat as Kati invokes the bowls to sing the ancient healing protocols. Frequently bowls are placed on participants to deepen the vibrational experience. The meditation is deeply relaxing and has many benefits.
Benefits of this type of meditation include reducing the effects of stress, lowering blood pressure, and improved concentration. Participation can help dissipate fear, anger and anxiety. The singing bowl meditation practice encourages deep breathing and returning the body and mind back to balance. Kati’s expertise on this healing modality from the Himalayas will leave you in a state of bliss and peacefulness.

Workshop Details

When: March 30th, 2017


Where: Providence! Integrated Health and Fitness

Click here to sign up online (scroll down to the Vibrational Healing with Singing Bowls Workshop and click “Sign Up Now”)

or Call the Front Desk at (908)898-0008

We look forward to seeing you all there!


How Yoga Transforms Your Body

Take a look at this infographic to learn how yoga, even after one class, can have drastic, but positive effects on your body:

How Yoga Transforms Body. Click to read the full article


Providence! is Hosting Our 2nd Annual Women’s Health Awareness Event!

Sunday, November 6th 2016
Providence! Educational Forum Starts 3:00 pm ends 5:30/6:00 pm


We invite both women and girls far and wide to join us on this holistic day of health and wellness. We will have a select panel of health professionals discussing alternative health issues:

  • Sydney Davis (of Let’s Rise Fame), executive Director of the very popular organization “Girls on the Run” will get you centered and clear on who you are, what makes you smile and what areas of your life are asking for more time and attention.  Sydney will open our time together with some fun life coaching exercises to open our hearts and minds to increase our own self awareness and deepen our curiosity about how we could enhance our commitment to self care.
  • Larry Heisler, Director of New Jersey Massage here at Providence! and Providence!’s Nutrition Consultant and Adviser will present “Ten Things You Can Do To Dramatically Improve Your Health”.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner Marian Buck-Murray works to help you tame your inner critic and release your creative genius.
  • Nurse midwife Linda Perry returns to discuss Infrared Thermography, a non-invasive, non-radioactive alternative to mammography that detects cancerous cells as early as 8 years in advance and has no radiation effects.

We will also have our Elite Providence Massage Therapy Team in the house offering free massage therapy, local health professionals discussing nutrition, stress management, meditation and conclude the evening  with a special Restorative Yoga Class lead by  Sydney Davis and Providence!’s very own yoga teacher, Laura O’Brien Donath.

Pre-Registration is required: Providence!’s Members $25.00 Non-members $40.00

For more Information:

Please call us at 908-898-0008 or Stop in at 18 South Street, 2nd Floor New Providence NJ


September Open House

Sunday, September 25th – 8:15 AM to 8:30 PM.

Come out and enjoy our studio for the day with Free Classes, Free Chair Massages from our ELITE NEW JERSEY MASSAGE THERAPY TEAM, products/demonstrations, mediums and the GRAND opening of our new boutique “Scooch A Mi”!

  • 8:15 AM Yoga Class – FREE
  • 10:00 AM Bolly DaZz – FREE
  • 11:30 AM Tai Chi – FREE
  • 4:00 PM Restorative Yoga – FREE
  • 7:00 PM Mediumship Gallery ($45.00 pre-registration required)


*There will be products from Young Living and Beauty Counter!

youngliving  peachlogo  beautycounter

*Peach Lingerie will be offering bra fittings from 10 AM to 2 PM!

Come out and enjoy a day of wellness and fun!


The Mediums are Coming Back!


Our guest Mediums

Lee Ann LaRocca & Ann Marie Sheerin

will be here at our Open House

 @ 7pm  |  $45.00 per person

Pre-registration required!

Please call us to be registered at 908.898.0008
or stop by at
Providence! Integrated Health and Fitness
18 South Street, 2nd Floor
New Providence, NJ


Talking with those on the other side!

TheOtherSideby Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT

One of my dear long time patients invited Kathy and I to a “Gallery” she was sponsoring with a local medium. She said that this woman had an extraordinary gift and that we simply must attend.

Medium’s are gifted individuals that have studied on how to make an intuitive connection with the next world or as some like to call it, “The Other Side.” In my life, I personally have been surrounded by these type of remarkable people beginning with my very psychic mother and continuing with a bevy of amazing spiritual teachers.

So we decided to attend.   Continue reading


Sacred Heart Healing Meditation Circle

Join Us for the Sacred Heart Healing Meditation Circle with Larry Heisler

Something this special should be completely free to you with our love.
Join Larry in his 37th year of teaching the Sacred Heart Meditation Class.

Life is totally about growth, your growth, my growth. The first part of the Prime Directive on this planet is to grow in every way you can (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually). The 2nd part of the Prime Directive is to uplift, inspire or serve wherever you may go. People who do this passionately with their heart and soul, have a tendency to fulfill their destiny and complete their training down here. This dynamic workshop will teach a powerful meditation with a variety of Ki exercises including the rare I Chuan energy exercise Larry calls ―Smiling Buddha. Traditionally this technique is used by martial artists to develop their inner power, open their heart and cure their illnesses. In addition, Larry will share a Chi Lel exercise called wall squatting successfully used as part of the treatment protocol at the world’s largest medicine less hospital in China, the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center. Finally a comprehensive guide to meditation utilizing visualization and breathing exercises will conclude the workshop.

―When thine eye be single, thy body shall be filled with light. Mathew 6:22

Join Larry the first AND third Thursday of each new month, 8:15pm. Put it on your calendar and join us for an evening of spiritual fire!

Dates: First and Third Thursday of Each Month
Time:  8:00pm — 9:45pm
Cost:  Free
Please feel free to just show up, or call 908-898-0008 for further information
For specific dates and registration, please visit our Class Schedule and select the Workshop tab.

Open House — honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Sunday 10/25

Dear friends,

Please join us — Sunday, October 25th — 9:00am to 5:30pm


Click to download flyer

This is a special Open House as we are honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Guest Speakers:

10:00 am: Tina Jacobs from Komen North Jersey will be speaking about Breast Health and Awareness

10:30 am: Linda Perry, RN and Midwife will be speaking about Thermography–a safe alternative to mammagraphy.

This is very important as the FDA FINALLY aprroved Thermography as a way of detecting breast cancer (Thermography has NO RADIATION)

11:00 am: Larry Heisler will be speaking about “5 Daily Practices That Will Change Your Life”.

Throughout the day: Free Classes and Free Chair Massages

Breast Cancer and Cancer have no favorites or enemies. These cancers are everywhere. WE must become our own health advocates.  In May of 2005, Terri my sister-in-law discovered a lump. A specialist from New York said she was a hypochondriac. Terri went back to the doctors in September and she was diagnosed with Stage 3/2 breast cancer.  I lost my sister-in-law to breast cancer in 2006. Terri was 3 months older than me.


I have attached the flyer, which provides all details about the day, classes, etc. Please share this information with friends and family!

And, if you can make it, please come.

Kathy McCready


New Classes! New Teachers! New Experiences!


9:30 am to 10:45 am – VINYASA FLOW – with Brendan Gibbons

11:00 am to 11:55 am – LEAN TECHNIQUE with Kathy McCready



6:30 pm to 7:25 pm – ZUMBA/SNEAKERS PLEASE with Miguel Aviles

7:30 pm to 8:45 pm – ESSENTIAL HATHA YOGA  WITH A FLOW- with Rosalee Baum



8:00 am to 8:55 am – XTEND BARRE STICK INTERMEDIATE CLASS – with Joan Stefans

9:30 am to 10:15 am XTEND BARRE with Laura Crawford



5:45 pm to 6:45 pm – LEAN TECHNIQUE with Kathy McCready



9:30 am to 10:45 am VINYASA FLOW with Karen Frisch

11:00 am to 11:55 am ZUMBA/SNEAKERS PLEASE with Brianna Randall



8:15 am to 9:10 am XTEND BARRE with Kathy McCready

9:30am to 10:45am VINYASA FLOW with Khaled Hamdy

11:00am to 11:55am ZUMBA/SNEAKERS PLEASE with Miguel Aviles



8:15 am to 9:25 am – ESSENTIAL HATHA YOGA – with Rosalee Baum

4:00 pm to 5:15 pm – RESTORATIVE YOGA with  Christina – D’Onofrio (starting 2/8/2015)


View Full Class Schedule »


Introductory Classes in Tai Chi

Open Session Sunday, 20th September, 2015 (11:00 AM)

What is Tai Chi Chuan?

Tai Chi Chuan can be literally translated as, “Grand Ultimate Boxing.”  Tai Chi is typified by slow movements that help circulate energy around the body and accentuates the mind-body connection.  This is one reason why many health practitioners feel Tai Chi promotes wellness and longevity.  Tai Chi originated around the 14th century in China.  Although the details of the origins of the art are not clear, most agree that it was developed by a Shaolin monk who wanted to have a martial art based on softness and yielding, rather than on hardness and force that characterized the other martial arts of the time.

How Can Tai Chi Chuan Help You?

Tai Chi is mostly practiced slowly, accentuating balance and gentle movement that circulates energy throughout the vital organs.  Continue reading