Weight Loss & Fitness Plan

12 Week Weight Loss Program that Commits to a Healthy Lifestyle

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Providence! Integrative Health and Fitness is excited to again offer our “12 Week Sustainable Weight Loss Program” that will teach you how to maintain a lifetime of health and take enjoyment in the food experience.  In this unique program you will receive a holistic education to weight loss that will encompass one on one counseling, cooking classes with meal planning, weekly weigh ins, fitness classes, meditation, phone consultations and total support reaching your health goals.

What you will receive

  • 8 two-hour nutrition education classes teaching you the basics about nutrition-answering all your questions
  • 1 two-hour shopping extravaganza: creating a grocery list, learning how to navigate a food market, shopping for the basics while learning how to read food labels
  • UNLIMITED Yoga, Zumba, Lean Cardio Fitness, Xtend Barre, and Mat Pilates, and classes per week at our facility
  • 8 30-minute phone consults where we will coach you and help you through assignments & weekly planning and answer questions/provide feedback.  This is an individual consultation and the time will be arranged between yourself and Kathy on a as needed basis
  • 1 weekly weigh-in and discussion of journal, review of behavior modifications, ½ hour body blast with Director of Providence! Integrative Health and Fitness, Kathy McCready
  • Attendance at Larry Heisler’s 4-session Nutrition Education Support Group Workshops

Our Philosophy

We support eating as seasonally, locally and organically as possible.  These concepts encourage our awareness of not only what and when we put certain foods in our bodies, but also where it comes from and how it is grown or raised.

A healthy diet is based as much as possible on natural organic foods in their natural state, straight from mother nature, grown in fertile soil without processing, packaging or chemicals.  You will learn step by step, how to plan, shop, prepare and slow down and take pleasure in the food experience.  We want to empower you to trust and listen to yourself, eat real food and feel good in your body with emphasis on finding pleasure and enjoyment in preparing and sharing food.

We want to teach behavior modifications that will rethink your reason for eating and drinking at any given moment.  Through our program we aim to help you reach your ideal weight, reduce stress, and feel confident about what to eat and when to eat.  Other side effects may include: lower cholesterol and blood pressure, more energy and greater awareness, a more confident self-esteem.

Instructors leading this Group Will Be: Director of Providence! Integrative Health and Fitness, Kathy McCready, and Nutritional Consultant Larry Heisler.

For more information about our valuable program click here or contact Kathy directly at kathy@providencehealthandfitness.com 

Please remember that results are determined by attending the entire program.