Teen & Tween Yoga

Introducing Our Six-Week Yoga Program for Teens and Tweens

Our amazing new program is aimed to introduce teens (ages 13-16) and tweens (ages 9-13) to the powerful benefits of practicing yoga. This 5,000 year old tradition is advantageous to both the body and mind, and can help young people improve many facets of their lives. With regular practice, yoga will help the young teen improve concentration, reduce stress, increase overall body strength and tone, improve body image, self awareness, self confidence, and is great for the young athlete. We will offer 2 weekly yoga classes beginning in mid-February:

Yoga for Teens-Mondays 4:00-4:45 w/ Laura Donath-O’brien starting February 13th

Providence! is excited to offer teens their own yoga class with our wonderful yoga instructor Laura O’Brien Donath. Laura is a warm, talented teacher who is incredibly interested in helping teens grow holistically through the practice of Hatha Yoga. Laura has over 10 years’ experience working with young people in school settings., fitness gyms, and yoga studios. Laura is youth certified through Next Generation Yoga and has her Hatha Yoga certification with Integral Yoga Institute , NYC.


Yoga for Tweens-Wednesdays 3:30-4:15 w/ Christina D’Onofrio starting February 15th

Providence! is excited to offer tweens their own yoga class with our talented yoga instructor Christina D’Onofrio. Christina is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor that is passionate about teaching young students of all ages. She was a martial arts character development instructor for over 15 years and transferred that passion to teaching yoga for children and adults a like.



To register online:

1. Go to the Providence! Integrated Health and Fitness MindBody Workshops Page here

2. Scroll down to the class you wish to register for

3. Click on “Enroll a Client”

4. If you are already in the system, search for your name or click on “Add New Client” to fill out a profile

5. Click on “Enroll”

You may also sign up by calling the front desk at (908) 898-0008